Wednesday 7 December 2011

Wine Tasting in the Winelands

I came across quite a funky website, which will benefit all us jealous Gautengers when it comes to exploring the numerous Cape wine farms. If you like me and enjoy wine and know a bit about it, but do not know your ass from your elbow when it comes to the Winelands, then this website is for you! I don't know about you, but reference to Table Mountain (as awesome and amazing as it is) when it comes to directions, is a little cumbersome. I mean how many times have you heard that famous line in that tone deaf, chilled accent when asking for directions: "Just like drive towards the mountain hey." And then what?!  

My suggestion: Go to and plan your whole trip to various wine farms before you even leave our glorious, polluted, taxi infested and impatient Gauteng. Like I rate wines, these guys rate wine farms for their suitability towards: Family, Friends or Couples and fill the missing link which is a necessity. The "wine farm reviews" include useful information such as:

  • Maps and a geographical location of the wine farms by area or wine routes
  • The style of the wine farm and who it would suit i.e. couples, family, friends etc.
  • The varieties of wine available at the farm
  • Which facilities and activities are catered for at the farm i.e. cellar tours, wine safaris, spas, museums etc.
  • Dates and times when the wine farms are open
  • Fees and contact details
  • and even decent photos so that you can get a feel for the place before arriving! 

My next trip to the Winelands no longer seems so daunting and I'm quite eager to put this available info to the test. I'm thirsty already!...

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