Friday 20 November 2015

Diploma Module 3 - The Final Frontier...

So it's been just under 2 years since I headed down this track, in the quest to quench my desire for wine knowledge. I have just completed my final module (Module 3 - Wines of the Old World) of Diploma at The Cape Wine Academy. The final exam was written last night and now all that is left to do is hold thumbs in the hopes that I passed and then drink, I mean taste wines like a thirsty mad man over the weekend, as practice for the practical tasting exam on Monday! This I shall have no problem studying for! hahaha

Module 3 was very interesting as we covered various old world wine producing countries including: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Israel. I learnt a tremendous amount and it was fantastic learning not only about the various grape varieties and wine styles of these fantastic countries, but also about their cultures and history. I have decided that over the next few years, international travels will be planned around visiting the wine regions of all these countries, as its all good and well learning about them on paper and drinking their wines too, but now I need to experience it! 
Enjoying a Riesling in the Mosel, a Chasselas near Geneva, a Tokaj Aszu in Hungary, a Chianti in Tuscany, a Port in the Douro or a Tempranillo in Rioja, sounds damn fantastic to me! It will be such an experience to convert this knowledge into unforgettable and much appreciative experiences. We all know how much better a wine tastes in its natural home setting in the vineyards...  

I will admit that Module 3 to me was the most challenging of the 4 and it felt like a system overload at times, so my advice, start revising way in advance if you write this exam! 
There are many different words, regions, wine styles and quality categories for example to learn in each particular language.

So what next? Masters perhaps?? oh the love of the grape makes you do crazy things I tell you ;)

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