Thursday 1 December 2011

Poll Results - November 2011

Interesting to see that there is no clear winner when it comes to the white varieties, with the regular ones all competing well against each other with close results. The most common or recognized 5 varieties all came in at 1st or 2nd place. Here are the results:

  • 1st: Riesling and Viognier with 18.5% of the votes each
  • 2nd: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc with 13% of the votes each
  • 3rd: Pinot Grigio with 8% of the votes
  • 4th: Gewurztraminer and Semillon with 5% of the votes each
  • 5th: Pinot Gris & Blended white wines with 2% of the votes each
  • 6th: Colombar & Muscat, shame poor lads scored 0% each
Here are a few characteristics of the top 5 varieties and most likely why they are the winners. Obviously these common characteristics of the varieties are generalizations, as wine making techniques and terroir do affect the characteristics of wine:

Riesling: Very aromatic, can be slightly sweeter with rounded acidity. Generally not wooded and has good ageing potential. Older Rieslings can have kerosene or honey like characteristics. 

Viognier: In a nutshell, pleasing floral aromas and very aromatic.

Sauvignon Blanc: Crisp, light, fresh and refreshing with high acidity. Good on its own on hot summer days. generally not wooded. 

Chardonnay: Wooded most of the time and therefore full bodied. Citrus flavours and creamy. Stands up to food and has good ageing potential. 

Chenin Blanc: The most versatile of the lot. Can be wooded or unwooded, fresh and fruity, rich and ripe or sweet. Described as a tropical fruit salad and has a slight bitterness at the back of the throat (that's not a bad thing) 

With all this talk about white wine, what will you be drinking today? 

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