Saturday 1 November 2014

Diploma Modules 1, 4, 2, 3... Go!

So I completed and better yet, passed, Module 1 of Diploma at the Cape Wine Academy. I have attended all the Module 4 lectures and will write the exam for such in 3 weeks time... hold thumbs! 
Modules 2 and 3 will be completed next year, after which I will hopefully commence with Masters thereafter, ouch! Masters sounds damn hardcore, but hey, it's all interesting and an excellent learning experience.

Thus far, I have learnt a tremendous amount and realised that no one person will ever know all there is to know about wine. It's such a vast subject with new innovative winemaking techniques always surfacing, differing cultures of countries and appellation/ wine of origin requirements, thousands of grape varieties, various climates,  varying terroir and new clones, it sounds almost impossible to keep abreast and that's what keeps it exciting ;)

Diploma is a lot more intensive then the previous Certificate course, which gives one an excellent foundation of South African viticulture, winemaking and the industry. Diploma Module 1 covered viniculture, viticulture and a brief introduction into France. Module 4 has been about wines of the new world and wow, what a thrilling experience to try different wines from around the world with a similar winemaking style to South Africa. Although new world wines are similar in that sense, per country basis, they are very different in character. It all seemed overwhelming initially, but eventually you start noticing characteristic trends of the various countries and realise the more wine you drink, the better you get! Just as time on the saddle is the best way to get mountain biking fit, sticking your nose into a wine glass and devouring it's beauty, is the best way to become wine tasting savvy. It's such a pleasing experience to be able to identify from which country individual wines in a blind flight come from! Well, it's difficult to get it right every time, but one day when I'm big and after litres and litres of more practice, I should eventually take my tasting abilities a notch up. 

I am thoroughly looking forward to Modules 2 and 3 next year, which will cover "Wines of France" and "Wines of the Old World."
For a list of courses the Cape Wine Academy has on offer, visit their website at: or contact them on 011 024 3616.


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