Monday 17 March 2014

Get Your Wine Groove On!

I still remember years ago when my early wine drinking days commenced, it basically consisted of sweet white or rose, because I just couldn't palate the dry stuff. My oh my, how the roles have reversed! :)
That being said, there was always this romance about wine to me. I think it all started when I watched 2 movies "Stealing Beauty," starring Liv Tyler, whom I admit may subconsciously have contributed towards this passion to wine, and "A Good Year" starring Russell Crowe. "Stealing Beauty" is a bit of chick flick, but in my manly defense, it is set on a wine farm in Italy and the footage of the vineyards definitely imprinted, or burnt, I should rather say, images in my mind and feelings in my soul, which still fascinate me to this day. "A Good Year" conjured the same emotion although it is set in Provence, France and it showcases the enchanting wine farm and wine making lifestyle. 

The fact that soil and climate conditions, location of the vineyards and the way in which the vines are treated, determine the quality of the grapes and that the winemaker then needs to produce wine from said grapes, is an art form in which there is much passion required to produce a masterpiece. I think this is what allured me to wine and think of it as something beautiful and special.  

So, I decided to learn more about this alluring beverage. I drank more of it, I read about it and I drank more of it! It was all still a little confusing until a day in 2011, that a Google search revealed The Cape Wine Academy to me. I got so excited when I saw the various courses on offer and I contacted them immediately to enroll in my first course, The South African Wine Course. I have not looked back since that day and my desire to learn more about wine has grown and I completed the Certificate Wine Course soon thereafter. Today I am enrolled for the Diploma Wine Course - Module 1 which commences in April and I can't wait!  I have learnt volumes through the Cape Wine Academy and met many like minded people. Their courses are interesting, the Lecturers are fun and captivating and I am no longer confused about this diverse subject of wine. 

So if you're interested in learning more about wine, as was I, read below about the Cape Wine Academy and the courses which they have on offer. Visit their website and contact them today and I assure you that you will not be disappointed!

Welcome to the Cape Wine Academy
Founded in 1979, the Cape Wine Academy is recognised as the official wine education and training institution in South Africa.The Cape Wine Academy provides a range of social and professional wine courses for individuals and tertiary institutions and specialises in creating bespoke wine-tasting events for corporate clients.
The starting point to learning about wine is the South African Wine Course. On completion of an exam, students can join the Certificate Wine Course, followed by the Diploma Wine Course and ultimately the Cape Wine Masters, the highest qualification in wine education.

The Cape Wine Academy also offers fun and social wine courses to enjoy with friends and family. Choose from the Food and Wine Pairing Course, the South African Brandy Course or the Wines of the World Course and ignite your passion for wine today!

To start your career in the wine and hospitality sector, sign-up for the Front of House Course, boost your skills with the Wine Service Course or enroll for the prestigious Cape Sommelier™ qualification, which is a must for every CV.

All Cape Wine Academy lectures are presented by South African winemakers, Diploma graduates and Cape Wine Masters, who are actively involved in shaping the South African Wine industry today.


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