Saturday 3 September 2011

Hello World!

Allow myself to introduce…. Myself. Welcome to my down to earth blog and the interesting road ahead! My mission is it to keep it interesting, entertaining and light hearted, so do come back again!

By day I’m a Professional Associated Valuer, involved in commercial property valuations and by night I enjoy, make and drink wine, which I have a passion for, hence the allurement to begin this blog.

I am a Wino (Wine Reviewer) at Real Time Wine, a member of Cellar Rats Wine Tasting Club and I attend wine tasting festivals and taste on panels whenever I can. I am in the process of completing the Certificate Wine Course at the Cape Wine Academy with the intention of qualifying as a Cape Wine Master – let’s see what happens! I have had a dab at making my own Shiraz with a Du Toit Wine-making kit, of which I am the distributor up here in Gauteng. It was a good learning experience and I understand the wine-making process a little better now. Was the wine drinkable you ask? Well, it was my first attempt and I will do things differently the next time around. Some bottles were not bad at all and they are all finished, the other bottles, uhm… lets just call them school fees J

I thought, let me hit the ground running with this blog and hence I have compiled a list of most of the reviews I have posted on Real Time Wine (so far).
The Real Time Wine "movement" is based on a simple premise - you shouldn't have to do a course or learn a new language to enjoy wine. It's a refreshing, humorous and sometimes risqué look at drinking wine - all reviews are 140 characters or less.

The Wine Oak

So until next time, here goes:

2008 Allesverloren Shiraz. Hey man, so much of spice I feel like I'm in Durban! Very steaky, bit overpowering, needs some time. 7/10

2005 Arumdale Shiraz As smooth as a baby's bottom. Caution, it's so smooth, u won't even realize u consuming it. Toasty, mocha, spicy. SCORE 9/10

2008 Asara Cabernet Sauvignon. Like licking a sexy classy French lady, smoking a cherry cigar & fusion style dark chocolate & peppers for dessert. 9/10 Cellaring=awesome

2009 Asara Ebony. Like u sharpened a pencil & then stabbed a green pepper & a plum. Rich but drinkable. 7/10

2008 Backsberg Tread Lightly Merlot On hike, it bounced. Still able to enjoy the fruity, cinnamon freshness which lingers oak cherry. Hilarious if u throw the bottle to someone! SCORE 7/10

2009 Backsberg Merlot. Non "hikeable" version. The same, but easier drinking. Plastic bottle better buy then @ R50! R60 7/10

2010 Beyerskloof Pinotage. Good old faithful! Good enough for any occasion. Delicate berry and cinnamon flavours. 7/10

2007 Blaauwklippen Shiraz. A spicy biker chick wearing a leather jacket, takes u on a wild ride, then soothes u in an oak cabin after 8/10

2009 Boschendal 1685 Shiraz. Awesome bottle, beautiful plum colour. Excellent composure as spicy leather and earth meet fruit. 7/10

2009 Diemersfontein Pinotage. A dark chocolate bar in a bottle! Very rich. 9/10

Drostdy-Hof Extra Light White. Met eish(ys) ja! Careful, I almost downed a 2l doos wyn! Light &great when it's bright. R49 6/10 (due 2 ease)

2009 Hill&Dale Pinotage. Smell strawberry, taste strawberry which lasts 2 the bitter Nice, besides the 7/10

2006 Just matured Cabernet Sauvignon. Tastes like u chewing a piece of wood. It's smooth but something is... eish.. 4/10

2009 Kanonkop Kadette. So much like a Pinot Noir! Red Berries, berries & more berries and then some strawberry. Delicate 7/10

2010 La Capra by Fairview Merlot. "Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey." A little sweet for my liking, otherwise ok. R45 7/10

2010 Longridge Rose. Guavas on the sniff &strawberries 2taste. Fresh &Springy, makes me want 2take my Jeeps roof off ASAP! 7/10

2008 MB Cabernet Sauvignon. From FRANCE & 50 bucks?! Restrained & classy French wine BUT fruity too 8/10

2004 Meerendal Shiraz Like Queen Latifah, a LOT of body and strong. 7/10

2005 Neetlingshof Shiraz. It's dry but u can drink it. Cute wine, not a lot of sex appeal 7/10

2010 Orange River Cellars Shiraz. For R29, it has a cork & smells nice. Great with coke (extra point for the cork) 3/10

2010 Place in the Sun Merlot.Toffee in my nose,fruitcake in my mouth,is Christmas around the corner? Warm from alcohol R40 6/10

2009 Quoin Rock The Centaur Reserve Syrah. Delicate spice makes this nice, because of red berry, I want more very! Will age well 9/10

2011 Saxenburg Sauv Blanc n Engel het op my tong gepiepie! So much of crisp & fruity/grassy freshness. Drink in 1yr 8/10

2007 Saxenburg Cabernet Sauvignon Amazing balance, like a tight rope walker. Green peas, oak smokiness & berries, delicious! & can age. SCORE 9/10

2006 Saxenburg Shiraz. Chocolate, pepper, spice and all things nice! Wow! 9/10

2005 Saxenburg Shiraz Select. I'm lost for words... Silky smooth lingerie comes to mind. It's so good & could possibly score a TEN! 9/10

2007 Stellenbosch Hills Shiraz,Like touching a 9V battery 2 your tongue-u want to, but know u shouldn't. Nice Shiraz smell,but ends sour 6/10

2007 Stellenzicht Shiraz. Smoky spice and bitter chocolate. Sort of like Angelina Jolie & Margaret Thatcher in a glass, BUT it works! 8/10

2004 Vergenoegd Cab Sav. Big & bold,it has a hold. Can entice & full of spice. Extremely characterful & so a Mike Tyson of Cab Sav 9/10

2003 Vergenoegd Estate Blend. Parlez-vous français? says the tour guide. Feel like I'm in Bordeaux, France, but its a ZA wine! Classic! 9/10

2008 Warwick CabS, The 1st Lady,She calms me. I Really like this, feels like I'm being healthy eating fruit, it's good 4u. 8/10

2007 Zandvliet Shiraz. Smell: sprinkled pepper & chocolate on red berry in a smoky room(nice smoky) Taste: ditto! +dry 7/10, R80

2009 Zonnebloem Merlot. U confident & then It has a right hook u didn't see coming. Sharp & not characterful of a merlot. 6/10

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